Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Comparison: BigCommerce vs Magento Enterprise

Having troubles choosing between BigCommerce and Magento Enterprise? Here is an enterprise ecommerce platforms comparison that will help you decide!

BigCommerce and Magento Enterprise are the two most popular enterprise ecommerce solutions for large businesses. If you are having troubles choosing between these two solutions, don’t worry as you are not the only one. We’ve compared these enterprise ecommerce platforms and hopefully, this comparison will help you decide:

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● Popularity & Ease of Use:

Magento Enterprise is the most versatile and flexible platform that offers you a chance to customize your new store and offer an incredible shopping environment to your buyers. However, you must know that customizing Magento’s appearance and enhancing its functionality requires some programming experience and technical skills. If you think you are not experienced enough, you can hire a Magento developer and offer your customers an amazing shopping experience. BigCommerce, on the other side, is simpler to manage and provides you with the functionalities and tools you need to set-up and operate an enterprise online store. This is a better choice for businesses that aren’t prepared to invest in a developer and are looking for a simpler interface. BigCommerce as an enterprise ecommerce solution is easier to use and offers a good shopping environment for all the sellers. If you want a more sophisticated or superior solution, choosing Magento Enterprise is a better decision.

● SEO Features

BigCommerce comes with great SEO features and customization options that can boost your website ranking in search engines. Even though both platforms BigCommerce and Magento have SEO capabilities and offer friendly options to help you reach your target audience easier, BigCommerce is definitely more flexible than Magento, especially when it comes to social media. There are plenty of applications and integrations that you can use with Magento EE to enjoy social sharing and social button on your new site. You can also create interesting promotions and offer various sales options to your customers with the amazing built-in features Magento offers. There are some great articles online teaching you how to optimize your Magento’s ecommerce site, how to make your website search or user-friendly, and etc.

● Security

Magento is popular for its secure shopping mediums. With Magento, you can take advantage of the big community of developers that make changes to the software. You will also have access to updates you can install to improve your site’s security and provide a safer environment for your customers. BigCommerce also ensures a good level of security and a web hosting solution with a domain name. BigCommerce has certified servers that offer protection from various threats including credit card data breaches, fraudulent transaction software, intrusion detection, and etc. BigCommerce also includes DDOS mitigation through reliable and secure third-party solutions. When it comes to security, both enterprise ecommerce platforms provide security protection. When it comes to choose the best platform for your business, scalability and security are two key features, so make sure you will be able to have unlimited bandwidth and transactions as to peak thousands of orders per minute. For more information on how to do this in a secure way, click here.


There is absolutely no doubt that both platforms are valuable solutions for enterprise-level companies and with each platform you can take your company to the next level, however, they serve different requirements. For example, with Magento, you can have an unrestricted access and create a spectacular and customizable ecommerce site that will serve your customers’ needs (the only disadvantage is that you will have to hire a web developer if you are not skillful or experienced enough). BigCommerce is a simpler option for those who don’t need customizations but a simpler way to launch a website. So, in order for you to decide which enterprise ecommerce solution is better for your company, determine your requirements and your budget, and come up with the right final decision. Good luck!

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