5 Must Have Features of Enterprise E-commerce Platform

Responsive web design and template

In this era, creating an enterprise store is simple as you will use an enterprise e-commerce platform. With this platform, you will start your business quickly as you will create a store within a minute. Most of the platforms have a drag and drop editor to enable you to transfer elements to a place of your choice.

Also, they have ready-made templates which will simplify the site creation process. With this, you will not have to start from scratch. However, some platforms lack advanced features. They make it a challenge to build a professional store. To enable you to create a unique and a well-designed store, here are 5 must-have features of an enterprise e-commerce platform:

Multiple payment options

A crucial feature in an enterprise e-commerce platform is various payment options. As you know, in every business there must be payment processes. In this essence, you need to allow customers to use their method of choice when making payments. You can achieve this by choosing a platform that integrates with payment gateways and one that supports different currencies. Also, ensure that it is certified Level 1 PCI to make it easier for customers to use cards and SSL for protection of customers’ data.

Supports multi-language

Communication can lead to a successful enterprise business. In this business world, different people understand different languages. In this essence, an enterprise e-commerce platform that supports multi-languages should be your priority. It will allow you to convey a vital message to international customers.

Customizable feature

Creating a unique site is the best experience to every entrepreneur as customers can easily differentiate you from your competitors.  This feature should be your first consideration on an enterprise e-commerce platform as you can easily add your business logo, images, videos, and content.

Responsive web design and template

For you to stand out from competitors, you need to look for ways to enable customers to find you easily. Most customers are using a mobile device to browse online. In this case, you need to choose an enterprise e-commerce platform with responsive web design and template to allow customers to navigate easily through your site using the mobile device of their choice.

Marketing tools

Marketing your business is crucial as you will create brand awareness. SEO is a vital marketing tool that will make your site to appear at the top of search engines. Also, Facebook will allow users to share your ad, and this can drive traffic to your site.


Having these features in mind and using them to select an enterprise e-commerce platform will enable you to reach more customers. Also, you will enhance their experience which will increase your sales.

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